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Dog Control

Animal Control

The Hornell Area Humane Society is responsible for all dog control and enforcement in the Town of Hornellsville. Dogs that are seized by the HAHS, whose owners reside in the Town of Hornellsville must provide proof of a valid dog license and proof of current rabies vaccination before they can be released back to their owner. Owner's are also responsible for all associated fees that are incurred upon seizer.

Duties of the Dog Control Officer include:

  • Securing at-large dogs

  • Serving owner's appearance tickets for failure to license their dog

  • Investigating reports of abandoned animals

  • Investigating cases of cruelty or neglect

  • Dangerous dogs and related ordinances

  • Enforcing applicable Agriculture & Markets Laws

  • Enforcing the Town of Hornellsville Dog Control Ordinance

For more information on licensing your dog please click here.

Is Your Dog License Valid?

If not, please contact our office immediately. Our Dog Control Officer has been instructed to issue appearance tickets to those who have repeatedly ignored our written requests to renew. Licensing is required under Agriculture and Markets Law Article 7.

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