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Dog Licensing Information

Dog Licensing

NY State Law requires every dog over four months of age to be licensed by the local municipality in which they reside. Dogs must be licensed in Hornellsville when the dog reaches four (4) months of age. Rabies vaccination may be administered after the puppy reaches three (3) months of age. NYS law provides one (1) month to allow the owner to have their animal vaccinated prior to licensing.

Dog License Information

When is a license required?

Every dog owned or harbored within the Town of Hornellsville over the age of four (4) months is required to be licensed under New York State's Agriculture and Market Laws.


  • Dogs under the age of four (4) months that will not be allowed to run off of the owner's property.

  • Non-residents visiting for thirty (30) days or less with their pets that are licensed according to their State's licensing laws.

  • Class A dealers with a certificate of exemption from the Commissioner.


New Licenses

New (first time) dog licenses can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office or by mail. To license a dog, he/she must first be vaccinated against rabies. Once a dog is licensed, the Town Clerk’s office will mail renewal notices to the owner approximately one (1) month before the license is due to expire.

  Required Documentation

  • Dog License Application

  • The appropriate non-refundable license fee.

  • Valid proof of Rabies Vaccination or Certificate of Rabies Vaccination Exemption. 

  • Certificate of spay or neuter if applicable.

  • For guide dogs, war dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs or police dogs, satisfactory proof is required, such as a training certificate.

Renewal Licenses

Hornellsville allows their residents to renew their license for the number of years that their rabies vaccination is valid. This allows an owner to purchase a license that will be valid for up to 3 years.

  Required Documentation

Online License Renewal

Current rabies vaccination must be on file with the Town for online renewal. If not, submit rabies renewals to the Town via fax (607-295-8015) or email Allow at least 24hrs for the online system to sync with your updated rabies info.

There is a convenience fee of $1.75 for renewing online with your Credit/Debit card.


NOTE:  When searching by license number you do not need to enter the zeros.


Cost to Obtain a License

  • $10.00 Spayed/Neutered (Altered)

  • $17.00 Unspayed/Unneutered (Unaltered)

  • No Charge for guide dogs, war dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs or police dogs.

How to Change a License

It is essential that any change to the information on the license be provided to the Town Clerk's Office so that records can be updated. Please report any of the following changes:

  • Dog ownership

  • Dog owner's address

  • Loss or theft of the dog

  • Death of a dog

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