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4 Park Avenue, PO Box 1

Arkport, NY 14807

Fire Hydrants

Our Emergency Services Personnel need your help to make sure that hydrants can be used when needed. Property owners need to maintain and keep clear anything that hides or prevents the use of the hydrant including, but not limited to:

  • Trees, bushes, shrubs, other vegetation etc

  • Fences

  • Mailboxes

  • Snow removal (Even if it's not in front of your house, it's for your protection)

To safely operate the hydrant, firefighters must stand behind it. They require 3 feet of clearance 360 degrees around the hydrant and at least 6 feet above it. If the hydrant cannot be located quickly, then they cannot control your fire as effectively, potentially causing more damage to your home or structure due to delays.


Please DO NOT park in front of hydrants, even for a minute. In an emergency situation every second is precious.

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